Scholarship Opportunities

The easiest and most direct way you can help Uganda Christian University is to assist a student to pay his or her school fees. Uganda Partners offers several kinds of scholarship assistance at all levels of giving. To provide support, please select a scholarship program from the list below or contact us for more information.

 General Scholarship Fund 

The General Scholarship Fund is used to provide assistance to the most needy of students who would not otherwise have tuition assistance. Donors can donate in any amount. Uganda Partners directs these funds on your behalf to assist with tuition when an urgent need for help arises. 

General Scholarship Fund Giving Levels

Full Scholarship (tuition, room and board for one year) - $2,500

Half Scholarship - $1,250

Partial Scholarship - $500

Other - any size donation is appreciated

To donate to the General Scholarship Fund, send your check to Uganda Partners with "General Scholarship Fund" in the memo or click here to donate online.


Other Scholarship Programs

University Designated Scholarship - Full scholarship

The University Designated Scholarship Fund provides full scholarships for students who have been selected by the University Faculty Scholarship Committee.  US donors have the option of paying tuition and fees only, or including the cost of housing (room and board). Scholarship rates vary depending on residency and degree plan. To provide a University Designated Scholarship, please contact our scholarship coordinator,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Scholarship Guidelines

Uganda Partners Achievement Awards - $500

Uganda Partners Achievement Awards are presented each year to the thirty highest achievers who have completed at least one semester. Awards are based upon academic success and are awarded by the University Faculty Scholarship Committee.  Funding one of this year’s Achievement Awards is a simple, one-time commitment of $500 that can be completed online or by mail. To donate an Achievement Award, send your check to Uganda Partners with "Achievement Award" in the memo or click here to donate online.

Business and Technology Awards - $250

Business and Technology Awards are awarded each year by the University Faculty Scholarship Committee and are based upon academic success and economic need. Eligible degree plans include Project Planning and Entrepreneurship, Procurement and Logistics Management, Economics and Management, Business Administration, Business Computing, Science and Information Technology, and Agricultural Science and Entrepreneurship. Awards are $250 for the duration of one year. Each student provides a photo and short biography to be given to sponsors. To provide a Business and Technology Award, send your check to Uganda Partners with "Business and Technology" in the memo or click here to donate online.

Anglican Communion Scholarships in Theology - any size donation is appreciated

Anglican Communion Scholarships in Theology provides students representing each of the 33 dioceses in the Church of Uganda with partial scholarships.  In an agreement with the Church of Uganda, UCU trains clergy to offset the increasing number of retiring clergy and the urgent need to build up the Church with well trained, evangelistic pastors to minister to the vast number of congregations throughout Uganda.  Scholarships rates vary by degree plan. To support a Theology student, send your check to Uganda Partners with "Anglican Communion" in the memo or click here to donate online. Any size donation is appreciated.


All donations are received in compliance with IRS regulations for non-profit organizations. Uganda Partners reserves the right to redirect the use of scholarship funds to another eligible scholarship beneficiary at Uganda Christian University in accordance with our reporting requirements.

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